Current Ministers

Current Cabinet members comprise of (2016 – to date):

1. H.E Taneti Maamau,     President

2. Hon. Kourabi Nenem,    Vice President and Minister for Women, Youth, Sports and 
                          Social Affairs

3. Hon. Tetabo Nakara,    Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Development

4. Hon. Alexander Teabo,  Minister for Environment, Lands and Agriculture Development

5. Hon. Ruateki Tekaiara, Minister of Infrastructure & Sustainable Energy 

6. Hon. Kobebe Taitai,    Minister of Internal Affairs.

7. Hon. Dr. Teuea Toatu,  Minister for Finance and Economic Development

8. Hon. Ioteba Redfern,   Minister for Employment and Human Resource 

9. Hon. Tauanei Marea,    Minister Health and Medical Services

10. Hon. Willie Tokataake, Minister of Information, Communication, Transport, Tourism  

11. Hon. Mikarite Temari,  Minister for Lines and Phoenix Islands Development

12.Hon. Atarake Nataara,   Minister for Internal and Social Affairs

13. Hon. David Collins,    Minister for Education 

14. Hon. Natan Teewe,      Minister of Justice