Improving Health Services

Select Committee on Improving Health Services which constituted on Thursday 3 September 2020.

Committee Members:

  1. MP Beteroo Atanibora          Chairman
  2. MP Ioteba Redfern               Member
  3. MP Moannata Ientaake         Member
  4. MP Batoromaio Kiritian        Member
  5. MP Koraubati Remuera       Member

Committee Terms of references:

  1. To analyze available reports on common diseases in Kiribati, and to identify which of these common diseases are frequent causes for hospitalization in Kiribati and outside Kiribati.
  2. From the result of the analysis, the Committee is to highlight strategies to improve services such as through improved facilities, medicine and capacity, to enable the public to receive treatment within Kiribati.
  3. The findings will also allow the Committee to identify and prioritize key diseases that need to be advocated to the public so they become more aware and take precautionary measures to improve their health.
  4. To study existing related imported food policies and determine issues and identify strategies that can improve and strengthen its (their) implementation.
  5. To identify key areas of specialization that Kiribati can focus on sub-regionally and to develop strategies to implement this so regional patients can undertake medical treatments.
  6. Any other tasks as requested from the Minister of Health and Medical Services
  7. Term of office of two year  

The Select Committee shall submit its report to the House of Parliament in November 2021 but this can be extended if approved by the Maneaba ni Maungatabu.