Each ward in all electoral districts has its own register as a voter must apply in person to the electoral officer in the district in which he/she resides to have his/her name recorded. No one is allowed to register in more than one ward. Times for the opening and closing of the registers are announced and published in every ward. In some districts electoral officers may take the registers to the public in order to facilitate the registration process.

Only those people who are registered can vote in an election. Voting hours are between 7am and 6pm on the date appointed by the Electoral Commission. In order to vote, an elector must present himself/herself to the presiding officer at the polling station in his/her ward. If the presiding officer is satisfied that such person is the one named in the Register, a ballot paper will be issued and advice given regarding how many candidates to vote for and how to mark the ballot paper. In multi-seat districts, an elector may cast votes for up to the full number of vacant seats available or less, if he/she so chooses. Voters mark their ballot papers individually inside a screened area and drop them inside a sealed ballot box provided.

The counting of votes takes place as soon as possible after the close of voting. The electoral officer in each district collects the ballot boxes from all wards and with the assistance of appointed counters should immediately and continuously count the votes until the results have been attained. At the end of the counting, the electoral officer publishes the results. Valid and invalid ballot papers are recorded and sealed separately and sent along with statements to the Chief Electoral Officer in Tarawa.